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OChem Incorporation is a fine chemical company that specializes in collecting, developing and manufacturing advanced organic chemicals, including natural products, intermediates for agricultural, cosmetics, material, pharmaceutical research, development and manufacturing. We offer synthesis from research at gram scale, process optimization at kilograms, and commercialization at ton level. We offer pharmaceutical manufacturers, biotech companies and research institutions the best technology, quality, price and delivery of customized intermediates and scale-up services. As a true alternative to in-house development and process, outsourcing intermediates to Ochem helps you achieve cost-saving, quality control, and most importantly on time delivery.

Founded by scientists and marketers of fine chemical industry, Ochem has recruited top chemists and set up a synthesis lab in US for preliminary research, analysis and quality control. Ochem has also established labs and pilot plants in China to perform organic synthesis from gram to ton scale. Our China site is located in the center of Yangtze Triangle Zone, which housed hundreds of chemical and pharmaceutical companies. Having established close business relationships with a network of these Chinese manufacturers, we have been granted as a representative of many of these chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers. We do our best to fulfill your order in a timely, high-quality and cost-effective manner, and to exceed your expectation.