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Draw Rain Checks:
When browsing OCI catalog products which are temporary out of stock, you may add them into your Rain Check box by clicking button. You can view your Rain Check List at any time by clicking the 'View->Rain Check' menu.
Submit Rain Checks:
If the items are temporary out of stock, please submit your Rain Check to us, we'll in stock them as soon as possible and we'll inform you when the item will be in stock and when the item is in stock . To submit your Rain Check, click 'Submit' button in the View Raincheck page, or click the 'Action->Submit Rain Checks' menu.
View Saved Rain Check:
You can view your submitted Rain Checks at any time by click the 'View->Saved Rain Checks' menu, which will lead you to a View Saved Rain Checks page showing all the Rain Checks you submitted before.
Cancel Saved Raincheck:
In "View Saved Rain Checks" page, you can cancel "Rain Checks" by click "Cancel" button at the end of each "Rain Check".

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