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When browsing OCI catalog products, if the product is in stock, you may add it into your Shopping Cart by clicking button. The number of items and total amount will be shown in the small shopping cart located at the up-right-side of the page. You can view "Shopping Cart Item List" at any time by clicking button in the small shopping cart, or click the "View->Shopping Cart" menu.
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Please carefully check your contact and shipping info. You can update your contact info by clicking Update link on the page. You can change shipping method and recalculate shipping cost by clicking Update Shipping link on the page. By default, the most economic shipping method will be chosen.
Click button when you ready to place an order, which will lead you to the "Order Confirmation" page.

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To make a payment, you may just update your account info at "Your Account", OChem accountant will process payment for you after the order is confirmed. If you don't like to store your card info in OChem online ordering system, you may make payment yourself by click button on the confirmation page (or on the View->Orders (Menu) page) which will lead you to a "PayPal Make a Payment" page.

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You may select payment type: credit card or PayPal account, type information as required. You'll lead to OCI Thank You page if you successfully go through the paypal payment process. You may cancel your order by clicking during the payment process which will lead to "Order Cancelled" page.

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You may print a receipt at any time by access View->Orders (Menu) page, click the order number link will lead to an order detail page, click "Print" button on the page will lead to a "OChem Receipt" page. For new customers, if payment terms have not been set up, a signed receipt maybe required, you can email (sales@ocheminc.com) or fax (847-298-5008) it to us to ensure order processing.

If you need any further help please email to help@ocheminc.com